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Missing, Murdered Indigenous Women/Girls in North Carolina

Crystal Cavalier with Civil Rights Attorney Alan McSurley at Greensboro's Poor People's Campaign Sept 2019.  Why do we need to care about Missing Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls? In May 2019, I was a co-organizer for the MMIW March in Raleigh, NC. I want to continue the call in lifting up Native women whose voices have too long gone unheard. The truth is: Native women face a much higher danger in their everyday life than white women. Indigenous women are subject to dramatically higher rates of sexual violence than white women. One in three Native women in the U.S. has been raped in her lifetime. Three in five has been physically assaulted. And the rate of Native women and girls who go missing annually is nothing short of disturbing.  I want to let everyone know that, we on the east coast, were mainly a matriarchal society. However, when the colonists came, they didn't like talking to the women, so we had to allow our men to conduct business, and today the US is v

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