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For years, companies have trusted business development professionals that have connections and contacts within various industries and agencies to grow business.  C3 Consulting  has extensive relationships in the US Congress, multiple federal agencies and departments, Virginia’s General Assembly, North Carolina's General Assembly, and local jurisdictional governments.

In the future, imagine paying a fraction of your business development expenses to growing your business at a higher rate. Senior Principal Analyst, Crystal Cavalier is a staunch supporter and advocate for Indigenous Rights, Native American Communities, Veterans, Military spouses, Native and Tribal Governments. Crystal was involved in the military community since 2000 she saw the need to connect with all US military spouses and families, active, guard and reservist throughout the world. She serves as a military and veterans consultant to assist in transforming this way of thinking and to advocate for the military, particularly spouses dealing employment, education and combat stress.  Crystal is a Subject Matter Expert in national security, public administration, Indigenous Rights, Missing Murdered People, Human Trafficking, Veterans and Military affairs, tribal governance and emergency management issues.

In the future, imagine having direct access to lawmakers who sit on committees that are relevant to your business. In the future, imagine having lawmakers and SMEs become stakeholders in the strategic business development of your company. Through implementing our exclusive practice, C3 Consulting guarantees to assist you in growing your connections and business in your targeted agencies.  Through implementing and taking advantage of the following three strategies, is able to help you grow your business:
  1. Leveraging Relationships- C3 Consulting has extensive relationships amongst tribal, local, state and federal governments, as well as numerous members North Carolina, Virginia of Congress and in state and local elected officials. A key aspect of the job of elected officials is bringing jobs to their constituents and districts. What company is better qualified than your company to help these lawmakers do their jobs?
  2. Embracing Technology- Strategic Plans developed by Sr. Principal Analyst, Crystal Cavalier, we leverage best practices and methodologies described that secure, defend, and respond to threats within our country's physical, information, distribution, and network systems. In the next 10 years it is anticipated that all companies and government costs will be IT related. Let  C3 Consulting help you develop the strategy to enter this market or increase your market share.
  3. Prioritize Your Marketing- Let C3 Consulting, help you qualify and prioritize your marketing initiatives. You only have so much money to market to the government let us help you identify and qualify opportunities using our proprietary methodology, which incorporates some of the most advanced analysis and rigor.
If you wish to discuss business, feel free to reach out to me on the Contact page. I will be sure to return your message in a timely manner.

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