Tribal Consulting

Management Consulting and Professional Services

Many Leaders of Native American Indian tribes have a huge responsibility when establishing and enacting tribal policy. Tribal leaders must understand a wide array of complex and critical issues, including education, health care, housing, social services, public safety, natural resources, business, and economic development.  C3  provides research and analysis to help tribal leaders make informed decisions about these and other issues facing Native American tribes. I have analyzed social and economic conditions of tribes—including education, health, employment, housing, poverty, and income—in order to help tribal leaders determine areas that may warrant further investigation and remediation. We conduct comparative analyses over time to identify trends and compare tribal conditions to relevant benchmarks to identify disparities.

I have studied public policy and assisted tribal governments, businesses, and associations to understand the economic impacts of various types of public policies, including legislation, regulations, government programs and services, taxes, and ballot propositions. We also provide testimony on behalf of our client before tribal and non-tribal political and regulatory bodies.
We also provide media strategy and a social media marketing for your Native American business. Please contact us for more information. 

Tribal Fellows Program

The Fellows Program is an 11-weekend adult education program which includes both strategy and practical training on a variety of topics. For example, strategic focus is placed on self-assessments, vision and values, ethics, and coalition building. Practical training includes public speaking, television and radio interviews, fundraising, polling, social media, budgets, and debates. It is a comprehensive program. 

The program is held in the spring and fall in each calendar year. The classes are held in Greensboro and Raleigh. The Spring class meets January to May, and the Fall class from August to December. Sessions typically run from 4 PM to 8 PM on Friday and from 8:30  PM to 4 PM on Saturday. 

Participation in our programs is on the basis of leadership potential and commitment, without regard to age, race, ideology, or party affiliation. Applications are accepted year-round, and interviews are conducted in July and December. Accepted students pay a $750 registration fee, and are required to raise $750 as part of the fundraising curriculum. Travel expenses associated with attending the program are the responsibility of the students. Meals are provided during the sessions. A $375 deposit is due upon acceptance in the program, and the balance is due upon beginning program.

*limited scholarships are available to assist for the program

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