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Trust C3 Consulting Group to provide the full range of integrated security and emergency management services—physical, cyber, and telecommunications security; facility management; process control; emergency response; and business operations. From concept through operations and maintenance, we can provide you with planning and analysis, design and construction, program management, and training, as well as situational awareness, incident response, consequence management, and threat-reduction solutions. Security is more than just physical it contains critical infrastructure, cyber security and system security. A few organizations are recovering from a massive data breach which included the theft of about 40 million credit and debit card records and 70 million other records of customer details late last year. 

As the size and cost of data breaches continue to mount, the damage a data breach can do to a company’s public image and bottom line is huge. The scopes of these disasters are difficult for people to fathom unless they’ve seen the event firsthand. My team will study your organization's existing plan and recommend changes, based on what's discovered. The process includes matching a plan to Homeland Security and FEMA standards and conducting "tabletop" exercises, essentially dry runs, where officials such as police, firemen, and staff go through a mock scenario. This scenario could be tornado, hurricane or cyber threat and we see how you react in an emergency situation.

Each plan is customized; my team and I develop a comprehensive, all-hazard plan based on your people, property and resources.  Financial repercussions of a data breach are huge -- an average of $5.4 million per organization, according to the 2014 Websense-Ponemon report. Last year, we witnessed massive data breaches that took place due to malicious programs such as the RAM Scraper malware and Ransomware. As more data moves into the cloud and across other devices, companies face a greater risk of losing sensitive information to attackers or unauthorized users.

Ultimately, organizations that invest in more robust data protection face lower costs in the long run.

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