Campaign Consulting

Creative Campaign Strategies for Candidates!

Crystal Cavalier is a political consulting strategist providing essential services for successful political campaigns and nonprofits. With a breadth and depth of experience spanning campaigns from town council to the presidency, our staff is well-suited to provide the guidance and assistance necessary for you to thrive.

Grassroots & Field Outreach

We can help advocacy organizations and campaigns mobilize communities to take action. We have put together strategies utilizing a plethora of available tools for distributing campaign messages through diverse outlets - contacting legislators through websites, writing letters to the editor, rally events, face-to-face meetings, and a variety of other strategies. 

Strategic & Campaign Planning

We helps campaigns, advocacy groups, and PACs become more effective in accomplishing their internal and public goals. We work hard to develop a strategy that matches organizational capability with short and long term goals. Not content to apply a one-size-fits-all action-plan, we spend the necessary time to assess and understand your organization’s strengths and identify potential areas of improvement.

Finance Planning

Fundraising is no easy task in the current environment, but we can help. Our staff can help your group develop a successful fundraising plan. We’ll help you think creatively about fundraising to find unique opportunities that lead to untapped donor dollars. We can help craft creative and catchy messaging to break through the apathy barrier and find the low-dollar donors.


We have raised funds for a wide variety of candidate campaigns, political parties, and advocacy organizations. From direct mail and event planning to donor research and call-time management, our team can help you every step of the way to maximize your fundraising potential.

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